January 25, 2017

002 Vinyl

00:00 Music and Intros

01:15 How/When did we start collecting records

04:10 What kind of setups we have

07:40 Buying records and collection goals

09:30 Online vs In-Store (Text message Vinyl thing?)

10:00 Tom’s dog Bandit makes a cameo

11:50 Spinnin’ records vs just collecting them

13:20 What kind of records we tend to buy

13:55 Short Wonder Years tangent

14:50 Record packaging

16:50 Short Kanye tangent

18:50 Back to what we buy

22:40 What else we look for / Record vibes

24:15 Mick gets up to grab beer and cassettes are dumb

25:20 Download cards

25:55 Must Haves & Elusive records

30:25 Regrets

34:20 How many records we have and some favorites

36:15 Short Foxing tangent

40:20 The return of Bandit the Dog

41:40 What our collections missing

44:15 Future pressings we’re anticipating

47:55 Clean your records!

52:03 Duces!

Theme music by Jon Altino!


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