February 23, 2017

004 How I Met Your Mother

00:00 Music and intros

01:15 How I Met Your Mother overview

02:50 How we started watching HIMYM

05:00 First impressions

06:00 The Blue French Horn

06:40 The pilot

07:40 Favorite characters

09:55 HIMYM vs Friends (1st)

11:35 Best cameos and recurring characters

16:35 Favorite dating rules and theories

19:40 Best monologues, scenes, moments, episodes

23:35 45 Days

27:25 The death of Marshall’s dad

29:10 HIMYM In Retrospect

30:30 Where the show fell off

34:00 The quality drop off in seasons 8 and 9

36:00 The importance stories and being present in life

38:25 Does the ending change your perception of the show

39:30 HIMYM vs Parks and Recreation

42:40 In defense of HIMYM

47:20 Favorite love interests for Ted

52:00 How I Met Your Father

56:10 Peace out, homies!

Theme music by Jon Altino!

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