March 9, 2017

005 February Recs

00:00 Music and Intros

01:00 January follow-up (The Magicians on SyFy)

03:45 Music talk

04:40 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Zombies on Broadway

08:20 The Menzingers - After the Party

14:25 Sam Skinner (of Pinegrove) - Danny Through Junior

18:10 Maggie Rogers - Now That the Light is Fading EP

22:15 Sampha - Process

24:50 TV talk (Legion on FX)

31:35 Abstract: The Art of Design (on Netflix)

35:50 Movie talk (Get Out)

39:39 Web stuffs (Emo Donald Trump & @POTUSRecordReviews)

41:55 Bill Simmons interview with Kevin Durant

45:15 Goats and Soda (on NPR)

49:00 Emo Night

56:19 Later!

NPR’s 3-part Animated Series: A Short History of Humans and Germs

Theme music by Jon Altino!

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